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The Responsible Wear

Branding a Sustainable Clothing Instagram Account.





Since social media platforms like Instagram blew up and became a go-to place for distinguishing fashion trends, fashion companies have been using it to manipulate youths through their desire to fit in among their peers. The constant reminder on social media that their friends have the latest merchandise and they need to purchase one to fit in. This causes an endless cycle of chasing hype put out by these large corporations and many opportunities for online shops to copy the latest trend to mass produce cheap knockoff items. When the latest merchandise is launched on social media with extremely limited stocks, those who were unable to get their hands on one are forced to turn to online stores that sell knockoffs for irrefutable prices. Can you see the Vicious Cycle?

Brand Message:

We advocate against Unsustainable Marketing. Find Sustainable clothing recommendations on our Instagram page if you want to shop responsibly while staying fashionable.

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