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NTU Global Digital
Art Prize 2022

My First Art Exhibition.

What is NTU GDAP?

Taking the form of a biennial competition, the Nanyang Technological University Global Digital Art Prize (NTU-GDAP) is where artistry, technological innovations and scientific interests collide. It recognises global artists, technologists and scientists with extraordinary creativity in digitally mediated art, design and cultural heritage. The Prize aims to nurture and catalyse the vast potential of creativity in digital art, culture, and technology to better the human condition. In the inaugural NTU-GDAP in 2019, the competition received 459 entries globally.

The First Cut.

The Preliminary round saw the jury going through all submissions and picked out outstanding proposals that embodied the spirit of the theme of Humanity, Sustainable. These shortlisted works will be showcased at the NTU ADM Gallery, where they will go through a final round of judging. 

Making it into the 10/255.

Time to set up my booth at the Exhibition!
Here are some photo documentation of the process.

The Reveal!

Well shucks, I didn't make it to the top 3 in the final judging,
cue exaggerated crying noises but hey, I'm still super grateful for the chance to showcase my stuff alongside all those super talented artists. I've learned a ton and had a blast chatting it up with creatives from all over the globe. This whole experience has been priceless, and to the winners, you guys are super talented, and it was awesome sharing a booth with you!

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