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Materialising memories into a watchable form.


Memento, a collaborative animated film, is an invitation to contemplate the intricacies of the human emotion experience. Delving into the nuances of our personal memories and materialising them into a watchable form, it enables us to reflect upon our own experiences and the emotions they evoke. Gaining a deeper understanding of ourselves for personal growth and self-discovery. The film utilises a train journey as a metaphor to depict the path of life. Sending the message that life, just like a train journeying through various stations, moves forward through different emotions. 

Memento focuses on five emotions: Joy, Sorrow, Passion, Fear and Hope. Characters present in the film are each personified to a specific emotion, making their entrance and exit at various stations. A portrayal that our being is a culmination of all past experiences and emotions. This film strives to showcase an amalgamation of three fundamental art disciplines, namely 2D keyframe animation, 3D animation, and early Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques. Through experimenting with the motion capabilities of AI to generate a base animation with humanistic attributes, which is further built upon and refined, it allows for the fusion of these three disciplines to dramatically increase productivity.

(Full Animated Film)

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MEMENTO Public Screening


Behind The Scenes

(3D Character Design)

(Koinobori Carp Streamers)

(Raindrops on Umbrella surface)

(Interior train, character clothes test)

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